Big City’s comedy of errors

The first time we inquired with Big City adoption agency, they sent a big packet of information plus a DVD. Hand-stitched dad and I found the DVD very helpful (if not a little clinical and scripted) as we both prefer visual learning aids.

The second time we inquired with Big City adoption agency, we filled out an online form and someone called us several weeks later to take our details. In hindsight, we probably should have asked whether this person was a part of the adoption team or a social worker, as it turns out they were just an admin in a special data collection team!  The phone call ended with a verbal invitation to their information meeting in five days and an assurance that the adoption team would send a letter invite out.

On the day of the adoption information meeting, we received a call from the same person asking for our details again. I kindly reminded her that she already took our details and we were still waiting for the invite to the information meeting. Coincidentally (!), we also received a call from a Big City social worker asking if we would be attending the information meeting that evening. Um, no? They apologised for not sending the letter through and assured me that they would send an invite to us for the next information meeting.

A couple weeks later, we still haven’t received an invite. We did, however, get a call from a member of the adoption team who was interested in progressing our application and wanted to “see where we are.” I advised her that we still have not received anything from Big City regarding the information evening. She apologised. I asked for the details over the phone. She said she would send them through email. We confirmed our correct email address. She said she would “send it in the next thirty minutes” and that we should review, print and call to RSVP.

It probably is no surprise, but we still haven’t received this email.

Big City adoption agency already had a few marks against it, and our initial experience has done nothing to improve our opinion. We wanted to give it a fair chance against the other two agencies, but that is becoming a lot less likely!

So with Big City out, that leaves Little City and Rural adoption agencies to decide between.


2 thoughts on “Big City’s comedy of errors

  1. The adoption process is understandably difficult and can put many off, so you’d think they’d at least put in some effort when an enquiry is made wouldn’t you!

    We had the same experience I’m sorry to say, nothing like make you feel valued and important than a serious lack of interest is there!

    We went with a VA in the end, they were much more enthusiastic and organised.

    Best of luck! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the comment of support. =) Not sure if this reflects Big City’s project management skills, but better safe than sorry! We might reconsider if we don’t have a good experience with the other two agencies.

    I inquired with the VA when we first started considering adoption and they were very helpful and supportive. We would certainly consider them again if we rule out Little City or Rural.

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